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This week the diet hasn’t been going so well. Up until now I was having great success with keeping off the caffeine and avoiding eating anything after dinner. Then I had this little stressful situation occur over the weekend and stress equals eating even when I am not hungry. One thing I learned from watching numerous vlogs is to never give up when you have a bad day or a bad week. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will make better choices than today. I haven’t given into the caffeine and I don’t crave it anymore which is awesome.

This salad actually looks kind of gross, but it was pretty tasty. The other day I was so stressed I didn’t eat dinner with the kids and ended up eating at 9pm at night when I was finally relaxing for the day. Ugh!
Day Five – Dinner #febphotoaday
Dinner - #febphotoaday Salad with chicken & croutons

I’m pretty excited about Breaking Dawn coming out on Friday! The best part of buying the DVD is watching the commentary and additional footage. Who else is going to be picking up their copy this weekend?
Day Six – Button #febphotoaday
Button #febphotoaday

Day Seven – Sun #febphotoaday
Sun #febphotoaday

I was a bit worried when today’s photo was to take a photo of the sun considering it’s the dreadful winter here in Michigan. But thankfully the sun was shining brightly and I caught a picture of it just as it was going down. The sun shining wasn’t the only thing I was thankful for today. I went to my gynecologist to get a suspicious lump in my breast checked out today (the stressful situation) and thankfully she is pretty positive that it is nothing abnormal. I will be getting a mammogram soon just to be sure, but I feel pretty confident in her assessment. Being a woman just stinks sometimes. With 1 out of 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer it’s not something to mess around with – so girls- check your boobies!

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