Getting organized

The kids bathroom turned out well- girly, as the boys say. I choose a deep dark plum and I thought it wasn’t all that girly, but the boys all said “PURPLE!?” Oh well, I love it. And what do boys know about paint anyways. I haven’t repainted the boys room yet either, ugh!

It was difficult to get a photo that showed the true color without any natural light, but this one looks fairly close. I bought the white cabinet on Amazon which had to be put together. In the reviews some people said it took them like 2 hours to put it together. It only took Ken about 30 minutes and it’s pretty sturdy and nice quality.

kids bathroom

A couple of other organizational things I have done this month that I am proud of:

My nail polish organizer. Andrew got me this over the door shoe organizer for Christmas. He had asked me for some affordable ideas and I had been wanting to pick one of these up after seeing the idea on a YouTube video. I absolutely love it. TIP: If you decide to do this on a closet door that you open often, use a few pieces of masking tape along the bottom to hold it in place so it doesn’t clank every time you open the door. I hung this on our linen closet that is in our bedroom.

nail polish organizer

This closet houses a bunch of things, none of which are linens. One shelf has all of our medicines. It drove me crazy trying to find things in there so I found these mesh organizers on Amazon. I bought 4 of the 4″ x 12″ and filled them all. I guess I should have bought one more. I have them organized by children’s medicine verses adult and then the adult ones also organized a bit by type. I also bought this drawer organizer for my top bathroom drawer that contains our toothbrushes, toothpaste, Q-tips, nail care items, scissors, etc. I just love opening a drawer and having everything in its place.

medicine organizes

Now I’m not so proud of the following spaces in my bedroom/bathroom:

My makeup is out of control. I need to find a new way to organize my makeup. I don’t want it sitting out on top of my countertop, but this drawer thing is not working too well anymore. The drawer underneath this is full of hair products and some more face products that could use some organizing as well.

makeup, not so organized

These photos need to be put in books and have been sitting here for awhile now I’m sad to say. I ordered these prints a long, long time ago and they are somewhat in order, but need to be double checked because the kids have messed with them a few times. This looks like a good project for Karli and I for tomorrow – no school on Monday! And yes, I have a fan on my nightstand and it runs every night when I’m sleeping. Gotta have that white noise to sleep!

18 months of photos, not organized

Daily Nuggets

–> I finished The Fault in Our Stars today. O.M.G! What an amazing book. I think it is one of the best books I have read ever. Top 10 for sure. I’m going to elaborate on this in a future blog post. 5 stars for sure!

–> I watched Honey Boo Boo with Karli for a little bit today and I have mixed feelings. When you watch the family and Alana talk it makes me cringe. How is this family worthy of getting PAID to be on television? Is this what the world has come to? I won’t be adding it to my DVR that’s for sure. On the other hand, Alana is ADORABLE when she is all made up for the pageants.

–> Karli had been wanting this stuffed animal unicorn from the dollar store for several months. She finally earned it and I was shocked when we went to the store on Saturday and it was still there. Today she told me that since her “dream” finally came true and she has her unicorn, she needs a new dream. She then tells me her dream is to have a baby sister. Awww, too sweet. Not going to make that dream come true though babe, sorry.

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    Hi! Where did you get that plastic pocket system hanging on the closet?

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