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Getting my groove back

I started writing about how crazy this month has been and after about 3 paragraphs of how I can’t seem to stay focused and stick to my daily goals I decided to just forget the past and move forward. No one really cares to hear all my excuses, hence the perfect graphic below. I thought of making a video too, but again, who cares to hear about the negative? So fast forward through all the BS and starting fresh with today I am getting myself back on track. So with that being said I am going to force myself to push through the stress of each day and I am restarting Month Two of Insanity tomorrow. Luckily I didn’t gain any weight back over the past couple of weeks. I need to get back to the point where the exercise makes me feel better and I feel as though my day isn’t complete until I have done something to raise my heart rate!

I am also going to get back into planning a menu for each week because we have been spending obscene amounts of money on groceries and eating out. It tends to get even worse this time of year with football and cheer as well as school starting back up in a couple of weeks. We are actually doing better than we did last year in regards to a monthly average, but we are still spending almost twice as much on food than we are our mortgage! And then you add the fact that I need to lose weight just makes me more angry with myself for not being better about our food budget. I actually read some websites that amaze me, like this family of 6 eating on a $100 a week budget! I don’t necessarily think I am going to cut our budget that low, especially not immediately, but it is certainly some good advice and a good place to start. This gal spends even less, but she doesn’t have growing teenage boys in her house either. I also bookmarked CouponMom because I am slightly interested in saving more with coupons. I tried getting into coupons a couple of years ago, but I failed miserably. I won’t spend hours a week trying to save with coupons, but if I can go to CouponMom and look up local deals after I plan my meals, I may be more likely to make time for that. Some of these menu planning sites try to grocery shop for their dinner meals for one month all at once. I am going to just shop for two weeks at a time to start out with and see how that goes. I first have to go “grocery shopping in my kitchen” to plan this weeks menu. I will let you know how it goes and possibly share my menu plans and grocery costs with you as well.

(p.s. I say this every year so there is no surprise when I say…I am so ready for the kids to go back to school and get a normal schedule going again. I can’t wait to start running in the mornings again!)

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