Future Olympic Gymnast

Chase had his first gymnastics class on Thursday. We decided to do a “trial class” and make sure he was going to fully participate before paying the class fees. His brothers have been giving him a hard time about gymnastics being gay (not FOR gays…just gay). They are cruel brothers I know.

So they put him with a group of boys that looked pretty close to his age, but their skills were not quite as good. Chase is much better when it comes to the floor skills, but when it came to the horse, rings, and parallel bars, he was pretty even. The kid can’t even walk through the mall without doing cartwheels. I actually have to thank a young girl next Saturday at Andrew’s baseball game. She is the one that taught Chase how to do a cartwheel like 2 years ago. I will have to get a picture for the video montage that will be aired on television years from now when Chase becomes a famous gymnast. LOL!

Here is an example of how Chase was able to lift his legs while practicing on these blocks of wood. They use these to prepare them for the pommel horse. I was so proud of him, especially when I heard other parents say, “look at that boy and how good he is doing!”

Chase @ Gymnastics class

I also took a couple of little videos with my digital camera so Ken could see what types of things they were doing. After they did cartwheels the coach had Chase demonstrate to the other boys how to do a cartwheel the right way. It was adorable! Okay, I mean it was so awesome and cool! Here is a little snippet of Chase doing cartwheels. He is in all orange.

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