Today I went to Andrew’s football meeting. I am super excited about Andrew’s football this year. This is the first year that there will not be any dad’s coaching. It’s like a fresh start for him. There will be a lot of 8th graders on the team that played for the junior high in 7th grade so he will have to prove himself a little bit. He stayed back with a bunch of his buddies and played pop warner football. I am excited to see what position he will play. I am just so happy that he decided to stick with football!

Blake and his football…ugh! This is week two of practice for him and today Ken called me from practice and told me to make a doctor appointment for Blake. He keeps losing his breath really bad when running laps at practice. Today he actually started having like a panic attack when he couldn’t breath after the first lap of running. I don’t know if he has asthma or what. I haven’t been there to see it, but for Ken to say that Blake needs to go see the doctor, I know it is serious. Let’s hope it is nothing and Blake is just a little out of shape or something.

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