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First Holy Communion

Last Sunday Chase made his First Holy Communion. He had been looking forward to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ for a long time. His catechism class had done a run through with crackers and wine the week before and he couldn’t stop talking about it. He thought the wine tasted so disgusting. It was cute though, hearing him talk about it over and over again until the big day.

Chase's First Holy Communion

Chase was especially excited about wearing the pinstripe suit that we bought for him. It wasn’t anything expensive, just a 4 piece set from Kohl’s that I got on sale. The pants were big as usual, so I had to pin them in the back. Nothing new for my little guy.

Chase's First Holy Communion

Chase's First Holy Communion

After the mass we had family back to our house to celebrate. I wanted to get a cake from somewhere other than Kroger. I am so bored with the darn cakes from Kroger! I wanted something more modern like all these cake shows on TV. I looked on the web and found this place in Monroe called Cakes by Stephanie. They make these super thick filling cakes. I honestly can’t wait for Karli’s birthday because the designs they have for girl cakes are super cute and colorful. When I picked my cake up I seen so many people carrying out the neatest looking cakes ever. We stuck with a basic design for Chase’s First Communion cake and I thought it turned out really nice.

Delicious cake!!

I selected cherry chip cake with cream cheese frosting on half and chocolate cake with Ho-Ho cream for the other half. It was SO delicious. The cake was so moist and the filling was the perfect addition. My only complaint would be there was just a bit too much frosting on top. But frosting is easily ignored when eating cake so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Delicious cake!!

The best part of getting the cake from this place is I had Chase drive with me to go pick it up and him and I had lunch together, just the two of us! We picked Big Boy (which I typically avoid) and I swear I had the best breakfast buffet ever. The waffles were so light and tasty, I told Ken they were almost as good as my favorite all time waffles ever which were the ones we ate in Kauai, Hawaii on our honeymoon almost 12 years ago. The scrambled eggs were delicious and the bacon was perfect. Chase tried to eat so much because he thought it was so good too. He actually suggested that we come back the next day! We just might have to make a family trip up there someday soon.

Afterward we took a trip to ToysRUs where I told him he could pick out a gift for making his First Communion. We must have walked up and down each aisle 3 times each. He thought of getting the DSi XL, which I thought was silly because he already has a DSi. I suggested a mini HP laptop. He was like, No..that’s stupid. Finally he said, “Where is the aisle for the kids who like violent stuff?” How nice is that? We are celebrating a religious event and he wants a violent toy! When we got home he showed Blake what he picked out- some Star Wars double lightsaber. I told Blake he could of had a mini laptop instead and Blake said that this was a day he would never forget. The day his brother could of had a laptop and he picked out a $30 toy instead! No complaining on my end…

R ToysRUs so Chase can pick something out and he said "where is all aisle for kids who like violent stuff?" Nice!!

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    Cute kid. God bless you

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