First day of school – 2008

That was quite a day. Busy, but enjoyable.

Andrew's first day of junior high schoolI woke Andrew up at 6am (OMG, waking up that early stinks SO bad it is not even funny…who wakes up when it is still dark outside!!) so he would have plenty of time to get ready. Plus you never know what time the bus is going to get there the first week. Yesterday and today the bus didn’t arrive until almost 7am so I think I can push waking up to at least 6:20…yay! I said I was going to work out from the time that Andrew left the house until I have to wake up the other kids at 8am, but man, I am dragging butt. I don’t know if that is going to happen. Maybe once I get used to being an early bird.

Anyways, back to Andrew. His first day went pretty well except for the “group” that he is in for his core classes. He has this kid who has been a problem student for years. He challenges teachers with stupid questions and does whatever he can to disrupt the class. Yesterday he already ticked off one of the teachers by getting up and sharpening his pencil during class when they were told not too. Then he proceeded to argue with her when she told him he was not following the rules. I hope he ends up in detention real soon so he will hopefully realize this isn’t elementary school anymore. It makes you wonder what in the world is going on at home for this kid to act like that. Andrew said he was bummed that the only kids he got in his class he doesn’t have much in common with, but then he said that at least he won’t have a problem paying attention and getting good grades. I know it’s hard though, to be a teen and not have good friends with you all day long. He enjoyed lunch hour at least and was able to sit with all his buddies. No homework the first day, bummer! LOL!

We took Blake and Chase into school for the first day and tried to explain to them how to get to their classrooms from the drop off zone. Blake was all disoriented because now he is down a hallway that is opposite the direction he has been walking the past 4 years. Chase is all like, yay, I know where I am going, just follow me attitude, which makes me nervous. He has to walk the opposite way from Blake and I worry that he is going to get distracted by socializing and not find his way. I know there are plenty of people around to help, but it is so chaotic that he could get lost in the shuffle very easily. It cracks me up how social Chase is though, like just on the way to class he seen some kid with a backpack for Star Wars Clone Wars and he said, “Hey, have you seen that movie yet, is it good?” The kid, who was a bit older than Chase turned to see who was talking to him and when he seen it was Chase and that he didn’t know who Chase was he ignored him and kept on walking! I thought it was cute, Chase my little social butterfly. In his classroom there were students lined up to check in with the teacher before hanging up their backpacks. She was asking them if they packed their lunches or if they were buying and if they take a bus home, etc. The boy in front of Chase was hanging on his moms leg and being very shy. Chase seen him and started mimicking him. I was like, “Chase, what are you doing? Your not shy.” He just kept snuggling with my leg. Then a girl walks up and she was crying pretty hard, poor thing. Chase then was trying to hide his face. I pushed his chin up to see what was wrong and his eyes were all red and a tiny bit teary. When I asked him what is wrong he said that the other kids were making him sad. He said he wasn’t scared, but it was sad for them. How sweet is that?

Blake and Chase - Kindergarten & 3rd grade Chase's first day of Kindergarten

Blake had a good day as well. He said his teacher is really nice. He brought this paper home full of questions about the teacher like what is her dogs name, how old is she, etc. Apparently the teacher told everyone about herself and then she passed out the questions. Blake missed like half of them! I asked him what the deal was and he smiled and said, “Yea, my teacher said I should pay more attention.” Umm, ya think? He is such a day dreamer, just like his mommy. I was like that quite often, even in college. Blake is definitely my scatter brain of the bunch.

Karli doesn’t start preschool for a couple more weeks. The house was so quiet yesterday it was almost strange. Don has Emma this week so I am watching her a few afternoons this week. Karli and Emma had fun yesterday, but I was only able to work a half day. It was still nice to work and not have to stop what I was doing every 20 minutes to deal with the kids. I love my family, but I gotta say, school is great. Bless all those teachers for helping me keep my sanity. It’s sad that summer is over, but I am looking forward to the new school year.

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