February Pictorial

It’s that time of the month…where I share photos I posted on Instagram and Facebook for the month!

This mirror can get a bit dangerous…the one side magnifies x10! I try to use it just for applying makeup rather than examining my flaws.
I'm obsessed with my new make up mirror. Amazing how different things look when magnified by 10!

This is what happens to Tori when she won’t stop barking – TIME OUT! {joke}
Tori is in timeout for barking when Ken is on the phone!

All the pretty colors of tank tops I got Karli. It was the first time I bought anything from P.S. Aeropostle and I was pleased- very good quality. Tanks were on sale for $5!
Karli loves to wear tanks under all her shirts here lately. P.S. Aeropostle has them on sale for $5!

We finally went to Trader Joe’s (the closest one is about 45 minutes from us). I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed. Even the food we did buy and have eaten was just okay. I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.
Finally went to Trader Joe's! Not exactly what I expected, but we still bought lots of yummy food. #traderjoes

No meat Fridays…always fun coming up with different things to eat. How come you can’t have chicken, but you can have chicken’s eggs?
Since I can't have chicken, I'll eat chickies eggs instead ;) #nomeat

Baby Tori! Most dogs hate this sort of stuff but she seems to love the attention.
Baby Tori

Taking a bubble bath reading about the “Virgin Bachelor” – guess what? He is really not a virgin! Surprise surprise.
Reading about the virgin bachelor and oops...too much bubbles. #virginbachelor

Chase took 2nd place at his wrestling match.
My boy Chase took 2nd place at wrestling tourney today #winning

Baked some banana bread that didn’t cook long enough so it sank in the center and fell apart when trying to eat it- FAIL!
Made the kids some banana bread with chocolate chips. Smells so good!

Sharing my crazy camera setup for filming videos.
My crazy camera setup! #filming #youtube

I also participated in this photo challenge, the SheKnows 14-Day InstaLove Challenge. Here were my photos.
Love is all you need. #love #sk14day Bubble bath time #lomoeffect #bubbly #sk14day Ben & I #celebritycrush #sk14day One of my favorites! #candy #sk14day
Valentine's Day Craft Favorite love song...anything by Coldplay is amazing!! #music #sk14day I WILL stay in one of these huts before I die! #bucketlist #sk14day Breast Cancer Awareness, on my purse. #pink #sk14day
Left over Olive Garden #Dinner #sk14day I adore tulips all year round! #adore #sk14day My Guilty Pleasure- The Bachelor #guilty #sk14day
#glitter #sk14day Favorite accessory today #OOTD #sk14day My Valentine (even though his dinner just about killed me) #valentine #sk14day

So glad February is over…which means Spring is near. Bring on the sunshine!

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