Dance recital photos

I had already shared the video from Karli’s dance recital, but I forgot to share some photos that I took as well.

Her Tap costume, which looked cute on her since she is such a bean pole.
Dance recital - tap costume.

The Tap girls…and they rocked it!
Tap Girls

Karli’s Jazz costume, which was her favorite.
Jazz costume



Karli and her friends in their Hip Hop costumes.
Hip hop ;)

The girls on lunch break.
Lunch Break

Karli after her recital…with all her gifts from us, Grandma and Grandpa and her cousin Emma.
Karli did a great job at her recitals...landed on her back handsprings ;) #nowicanbreathe

Karli and her cousin Emma.
Karli and her cousin Emma

She did such a great job this year and I am so proud of her!

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