March 13, 2013

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Baby Clothes

Thinking about: How cute are these dresses that I got for Karli from a children’s resale shop? They are actually size 0 – 3 months baby clothes and they are much cheaper than buying American Girl outfits. They usually run a little big around the neck but I just pin them. Karli likes to dress up her stuffed animals too. I did keep several cute baby outfits from when she was born that she loves using to dress up her dolls or our Yorkie.

Karli and her doll

Reading: I’m reading the third book of the Delirium series – Requiem by Lauren Oliver. The second book of the series ended with a super exciting twist and I was so excited to start book 3, but it starting kind of slow so I have gotten too far yet. Hopefully this weekend I will finish it.

Looking forward to: Next weekend Andrew and I will be making our first college visit and it seems so crazy to me. It seems like yesterday he was just hopping on the bus for 6th grade camp and here we are 5 years later visiting colleges. He will most likely attend college in Michigan to get in-state tuition and as of right now he only wants to look at universities that have the DPT program – Doctor of Physical Therapy. He was leaning towards something in the medical field for years, but it wasn’t until recently that he found himself interested in Physical Therapy with all that he has had to go through with his back problems. Ironically I had started college with the plan to be a physical therapist and switched over to nursing just a couple of weeks before classes started.

Watching: The Following on Fox on Monday nights. O.M.G. This show is insane. I am totally freaked out by the torture and killings, but the plot of the show is so interesting I can’t stop watching. Starring the one and only Kevin Bacon who I swear hasn’t aged a bit in 20 years, who plays a former FBI agent trying to catch this psychotic serial killer who has an equally psychotic cult following. It’s sick and demented and so disturbing I really can’t believe it’s allowed on regular television. I’ve never been a fan of crime or law type shows, but something about this darn show has me hooked.

Planning: My darling daughter Karli has been such a handful lately. She is constantly fighting with Chase and ignoring me when I call her name. She doesn’t listen when I ask her to do something. She becomes distracted by doing other things that she wants to do like destroying her bedroom. I finally came up with the idea that whenever I have to tell her more than once to do something she loses an item that is important to her. Just one day in and I already took away her favorite stuffed unicorn and hid my xbox controllers because she has been playing it in my room. I just keep shaking my head at what a little turd she has been…is this just how girls are or is she paying me back for spoiling her rotten all these years?

Putting off: I’ve been doing our taxes myself for a few years now. We used to pay someone to do it but I realized it was a waste when now a days the computer pretty much does everything for you. I have always had all the “numbers” prepared and he would just enter everything. We have two companies to file taxes for and it is actually pretty easy, it’s just putting all the receipts and numbers together that takes so long. I keep things organized throughout the year so I just have to add it all together and such. I just hate doing it. Ugh!

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