Chugging Along

Busy would not even be the right word to describe how life has been here at our household lately. The entire month of September flew by so fast it’s nuts. Other than work consuming the most of my days, the kids have all been keeping us on our toes. Karli started preschool and so far she seems to enjoy it quite a bit.

Karli's First Day of Preschool

Her teacher did tell me the other day that Karli crumbled up another girl’s napkin at snack time. She learns some really bad things from her older brothers, what can I say. We had a long talk about it, more than I cared to, but I do want her to understand that school has rules that you must follow. I guess most of the 4 year old kids that are in her class went there last year and they are all used to the rules. Karli will get there and I think school is the best thing for her. I think it’s good for her to actually miss me, instead of being with me 24/7.

Let’s see what else has been happening….

Football, lots and lots of football. Andrew has been so much fun to watch this year. He has gotten a few touchdowns and a several 2 point conversions (I think that is what they are called?). Part of me hopes he sticks with football. He obviously has talent and it looks good to be well rounded on the ole college applications, right? Andrew has a way better chance of getting into a good college with his grades, more than sports, but it can’t hurt. Blake is doing well with football. He is learning the fundamentals and works real hard. I think I mentioned that Andrew is playing fall baseball again. They don’t have practices, just games on Saturdays. He wants to try to keep his skills up since he wants to try out for a travel team again this year. He already tried out for one and didn’t make it. 4 kids tried out and they took 2. It is going to be a huge commitment for our entire family for him to be on a travel baseball team. So if it doesn’t work out, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

Chase cut his own hair. I always knew that one of our kids would do that someday. It wasn’t too bad. I was able to fix it and make it look decent enough. He did decide to take the scissors to his bed blanket and a sleeping bad though. He claimed that it was Blake’s fault that he brought scissors into their bedroom. Nice.

Blake has had a lot more schoolwork than ever before. He has his first big test on Wednesday where he has to label a diagram of the ear. Remember that? I do! He also had to make a homemade musical instrument. We used PVC pipe to make pan pipes. They turned out alright, but they are hard to blow into to make the right sound.

Andrew grades are posted on this website and you can sign in and check on all their homework and tests scores. It’s kind of nice. Is that pretty popular these days? Anyways, so far he has straight A’s still. I kept hearing about how all these kids that got all A’s at the elementary school, come to the junior high and get B’s & C’s. I am glad that that is not the case for Andrew. I think the biggest thing he has going for him is his study skills. He has never been one of those kids who wait until the day before to study. He works hard every night. Such a great kid that boy.

Our old babysitter got married a couple of weekends ago. The kids miss her so much. I miss her even more. She looked beautiful though and I am happy for her. Her husband is in law school and she can’t wait to have kids of her own in a few years. She will be a great mom, that’s for sure.

We went on a casino bus trip not too long ago for a fund raiser for the football team. We had a lot of fun. Neither of us spent a lot of money, but we had a great time. We keep saying we want to sneak back up to the casino, but the closest one is about an hour from here. We really need to get a new babysitter. My parents have to be getting tired of being stuck with our kids for the weekend. I have had the neighbor girl across the street watch the kids for shorter periods of time, but she is only a freshman in high school. I can’t have her here when Andrew is here. He is in 7th grade and it would just be weird. I wonder what age I will be able to start counting on him to watch the kids? One night last week, Ken and I did run to get ice cream without the kids. That was nice…it felt strange though. Andrew is very mature for his age, but he can be so easily distracted that I would be afraid that the younger kids would be off shaving the dogs or something while him and Blake are glued to the Wii.

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