Cedar Point

We decided to take a day off work Tuesday and we took the kids to Cedar Point. The last time we went we only took Andrew and his friend, but now Blake is tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters. He rode several roller coasters with Ken, Andrew, and his buddy while I went around with Chase and Karli and enjoyed some of the kiddie rides.

It was a perfect day, low 70’s and not crowded at all. We got on all rides really quickly including the roller coasters! Anyone who knows Chase won’t be surprised to hear that he wanted to ride everything, including Top Thrill Dragster which I included in my video below for those who aren’t familiar with CP, but unfortunately he wasn’t tall enough. (Just a video of the ride, Chase was not on it! – at the 1 minute 20 second mark) He was able to go on Disaster Transport and Iron Dragon which he absolutely loved. Blake on the other hand was pretty nervous about riding the big roller coasters for the first time.

Going to Cedar Point always brings back memories from my childhood like how my sister used to scream her head off and whenever we got to the top of a hill she used to try to stand up and say she was getting off the ride. I also remember the one year that my sister had smashed my finger in her bedroom door the night before we went to Cedar Point. She slammed her door so hard that my finger nail fell off and all day at Cedar Point my entire hand throbbed and I could only hold on with one hand on all the rides. Lastly I remember going with the 6th grade crossing guards and I was playing skeeball and won this big huge stuffed parrot. I actually cheated to win the game by somehow pulling the ball release lever back only half way so it flipped the score numbers to a higher score than I actually had. I named the bird Cheater! The bad news was that night when I came home I found out my mom and sister got into a bad car accident. That was when I decided that whenever you do bad things…bad things happen to you. I still believe this to be true!

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