Call it bad luck

We have the worst luck when it comes to getting our cars hit in parking lots. Twice in less than 12 months even!

First I had Ken’s Camaro at Karli’s dance studio and one of the teenage girls backed into it. The crazy part is she was parked on the same side of the lot as me, but literally backed up at an angle where she side swiped the front of his black car with her off white car. Luckily another mom witnessed it and told me she seen her do it. The girl’s father was more than willing to pay to have Ken’s Camaro fixed and the repairs turned out perfect.

Then just last week Ken was parked at our local hardware store. Another guy pulled right in the parking lot and rammed into our parked car. Someone had witnessed it and waited for Ken to come out of the store and give him the other guy’s license plate number. They said it made a really loud noise and couldn’t believe there wasn’t major damage done to our car. There is a small dent, about the size of a dime in the chrome part of my bumper, but nothing that we are going to worry about. The store gave Ken a copy of the video footage…wait until you see how the guy gets out of his car and barely looks to see if he caused damage and then just goes in the store like nothing happened!

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