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Button Heart Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day Craft

Our oldest son Andrew made this Button Heart Canvas for his girlfriend for Sweetest Day last year. I thought we would share the details for a homemade craft for Valentine’s Day. We found the idea on Pinterest which led to this tutorial. We used a larger canvas and needed two bags of buttons. Andrew also painted Andrew + Ali on his instead. I loved the way it turned out and I think his girlfriend was shocked that Andrew made something for her.

Valentine's Day Craft - Supplies
Plain white canvas
2 Bags of Red Assorted Buttons
Black Paint
Red Paint
Painters Tape
Red burlap or Red Cross Stitch Fabric (what we used)
Hot Glue Gun

Valentine's Day Craft - Step 1
Step One
Tape off stripes on the canvas. Be sure to space equally, use a tape measure if needed.

Valentine's Day Craft - Step 2
Step Two
Use the black paint and paint all of the stripes including the sides. Peel off the painters tape after about 30 minutes depending on what type of paint you used. The trick is to remove the tape before it is completely dry. Let the paint dry completely.

Valentine's Day Craft - Step 3
Step Three
Cut out a large heart with the burlap or cross stitch fabric. He made a heart template using a large piece of paper, folding it in half, and then cutting out the heart. Then trace the heart onto the burlap/fabric and cut it out. Flip it over if you can see any of your lines from tracing. Using a hot glue gun, glue all of the buttons onto the heart randomly. Once the glue dries you may have to cut away any stringy things left behind from the glue.

Valentine's Day Craft - 4
Step Four
Using the red paint write a message such as “I love you” or both of your names. Maybe include the date or year as well.

Valentine's Day Craft - Step 5
Step Five
Glue the red heart onto the canvas. Use a ruler to find the exact center of your canvas if needed.

And then surprise your significant other with your masterpiece. Anything handmade is bound to win them over!

Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine's Day Craft

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