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My front entry right now. Andrew’s baseball team is here and there is a lot of testosterone in the house. But they are being good, so no complaints.

Unlike yesterday when Chase had a field trip to 4 different places! We visited the fire station, then stopped at an ice cream and pizza place. Next was a trip to a paint your own pottery where they made a cute mother’s day gift. Last was a stop at the library. A very LONG day with a bunch of 5 year olds. Chase has only 4 girls and 12 boys in his class. Thank goodness because the boys were actually better behaved than the girls. There are some pics from the day at Flickr. Today Chase got in trouble at school for calling another boy a booger. HA! I was actually thankful that it was booger and not something much worse. I guess the other boy was standing around the corner so when Blake came out of the bathroom he scared him. Chase does NOT like being scared. Can’t say that I blame Chase for retaliating. It’s so hard in these situations. What’s right, what’s wrong? I pretty much just told him that it is not nice to call people names and I left it at that.

Tomorrow Blake and I are going to a church retreat. A parent child thing for all the kids making their first communion this year. Next Sunday Blake will receive the body and blood of Christ! We are excited for him. We invited both sets of grandparents, my grandma and both of Ken’s brothers and their families. Like 20 people…so we opted to make reservations at a restaurant afterward.

When did I get so busy? I love it though… I really do. Spring always brings lots to do. LOVE. IT.

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