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Blake’s Mini Society project

Mini Society Project

Last night Blake and I started working on his Mini-Society project for Social Studies. I hate this project with a passion. I’ve already had to do it with Andrew twice in the past and it is not fun. They have to make and sell products to other kids in the school to learn about economics. The other classes come visit their “store” and buy their items with fake money. They allow you to make food one day if you would like as long as it is packaged up nicely. Or you can provide a service like painting nails, face painting, hair coloring, etc. Blake thought those things were too girly even though I told him they would be much easier to do. Andrew was the same way though so I shouldn’t be surprised. I joked and told him he could bring in a fine tip marker and give people freckles, LOL. They sell products on 3 different days and each day you have to have at least 20 items to sell.

You can make whatever you want as long as you don’t spend more than $15 on the supplies. We came up with the idea to make sports themed magnets. We bought different colors of foam board and cut out letters to represent the college teams; University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State. Other than the board you only need glue (I bought the foam board glue, not sure if it is actually any different than regular glue), scissors, and magnets for the backs.

I printed letters from the internet and I made templates for each one.

Blake's Mini Society project

Blake traced the letters on the foam board and cut them out. It was hard to not be picky about his crooked lines. We used two colors for each letter and glued them together. To make the top color we just used the regular size template and cut it down a little smaller. Then we used magnetic tape for the backs. Pretty easy project and they came out nice enough for a 4th grader! He has to have 20 done by this Thursday so we got those done tonight. He doesn’t have to have the rest done until next week so we will probably work on those towards the end of the week. For once we have something done ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute.

Blake's Mini Society project

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