Blake’s 10th

The family is watching Wipeout so I thought it was a good time to blog. I hate this show so I am trying my best not to laugh at some of these morons.

Andrew finishes Segment One of drivers Ed tomorrow. He still has 4 more driving sessions, but he does have his pink parent slip which allows him to drive with a parent. Ken is having issues with the ignition on his Buick Regal, the car that will be given to Andrew and we haven’t made it a priority to get fixed yet. So yesterday I let Andrew drive my Yukon to pick up his friend and drive to the school for football workout. Holy sweaty palms, actually sweaty entire body! I was so nervous. Ken is a freak about his Camaro and won’t let Andrew drive it, which makes no sense considering it’s value is half as much. Oh well, I figure he needs to learn to drive more than just one car. One thing for sure is he is no where near ready for busy roads. He drives fine, but he focuses solely on what he is doing and doesn’t watch his surroundings enough. Maybe that is how it is when you first learn?

We’ve been having fun with our Thursday playdates with 3 other families in our neighborhood. We rotate whose house it will be at each week. The kids have a blast and I enjoy the adult conversation. Today I realized that summer vacation is only half over! Our kids don’t go back until the Tuesday after Labor Day. God help us, LOL! Just kidding. The kids have been fine, they only get on my nerves a few dozen times a day. The worst part is just getting them to go outside. They last all of 20 minutes and then they come back in whining that it’s hot. Then I have to drag Andrew outside to watch them while they swim. I’m not complaining though, I love that we are able to be here with them everyday. Can you believe this next school year all the kids will be in school all day?

My plans for posting videos isn’t going as well as I had hoped. Many times throughout the day things will happen with the kids that I think to myself- Darn, I should have been recording! That was funny! But I am working, or cleaning, or floating on a raft. Not to mention that anytime I would sit down to work on videos I had issues with my laptop. Windows Movie Maker would lock up or uploading to Youtube would fail. BUT, I have found a solution – I am now uploading my videos to our Mac instead and iMovie is so much better to work with. Hope you enjoy some snippets of Blake’s birthday…

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  • Reply Friglet July 17, 2010 at 11:10 am

    I feel your pain with a new driver. I have my third new driver in the house. I just try not to look when he’s driving. It helps. ;)

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