Back to school…almost!

Last night was Open House for Blake and Chase, although school doesn’t officially start until next Tuesday. They were able to go in and meet their new teacher and drop off all their school supplies. It works out really nice actually. They both have great teachers this year. It’s amazing to me how much Chase and Blake are extreme opposites. Chase went into his classroom, talking a mile a minute about his new shoes and new backpack. He wanted to show his new teacher his “cute lil sister” too. I can’t even remember what else he was talking about since I was so busy putting his supplies where they are suppose to go and signing up to help out for the holiday parties. The teacher probably thought we are non-involved parents considering I didn’t ask her one single question. We introduced ourselves and Chase and pretty much were on our way. I do remember Ken saying that Chase was in Young 5’s last year so he is pretty comfortable with being at school. The whole process gets so much easier with each child. I am more nervous about Andrew starting Junior High than I am Chase being in Kindergarten. The unknown is always more scary. Chase is such an outgoing, energetic, lovable child that the only thing I have to worry about with him is him talking too much and driving the teacher crazy.

Chase's Kindergarten Teacher

Blake’s teacher seems so sweet! Andrew never had her so I don’t know much about her. I have several friends whose kids had her and they all loved her. Blake is opposite from Chase in the sense that he is so shy when he first meets anyone, especially other adults. He didn’t have much to say, but listened to what his teacher said quietly. Finally he gets an actual desk for all of his stuff! Up until this year he always had teachers who preferred the students sit at tables of 4 kids each, verses having a desk. He was pretty excited about having a flip top desk finally. I should have taken a picture of Blake’s classroom. It was the cleanest I have ever seen a classroom in my life. Organization is my biggest pet peeve. I love his teacher already.

Blake's 3rd Grade Teacher

I am so very excited about being back to work next week! Ken has been so busy the past three weeks, which is great, but stressful. On top of being busy he has had football practice every day (M-F), so we eat dinner by 4:30 every day and him, Blake, and Andrew are gone from 5:30 – 8:30 every night. Thankfully, once school starts next week they will only have practice 3 days a week. I am anxious about getting a good routine going starting next week.

Karli doesn’t start preschool for a couple more weeks, but she is a piece of cake to manage when the boys are not around. My baby is growing up too fast… here she is getting her pink chair from my grandma for her birthday.

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