Back to School Photography ideas

There are 101 things wrong with these photos, but I am sharing them anyways. I had this whole vision on how I wanted these photos to look, but I didn’t make plans to get really good photos. So I had to work with what I have.

Things have only gotten busier since the kids have gone back to school. But pretty much it’s been the same old – same old. School, football practices, football games, homework, CCD, dance classes. Karli tried out for The Nutcracker at dance and she made it (for 3 numbers in the hour long performance), however we had to turn it down because we literally are already stretched so thin we have no time left! Every night we are running somewhere. As for myself I started working out 3 days a week since school started. I’ve been doing Zumba twice a week and then just circuit machines the other day. I keep saying I am going to walk or some other sort of activity on the other days, but that doesn’t always happen. These kids are keeping me hoppin’!

Karli - 2nd Grade

Chase - 3rd Grade

Blake  - 6th Grade

Andrew - Sophmore

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