August Pictorial

Karli was told to clean her desk and this was the outcome. Why is my daughter such a little slob?
I told Karli to clean her desk...does this look clean to you?

Not a very good photo, but Karli got a bike for her 8th birthday. If you haven’t seen the rest of her birthday photos, you will find them here.
Happy 8th Birthday Karli!

Andrew left for football camp and then came home with a buzz cut! It’s tradition for all the Varsity football players to buzz their hair at camp. They don’t really have to do it, but most of them do. I was surprised that Andrew did it!
Andrew left for football camp today!
Andrew buzz cut

Princess Daisy borrowing Karli’s crown!
Good morning from Princess Daisy!!

Karli getting ready to go to a friend’s Hollywood Ball birthday party.
Karli went to a Hollywood Ball (friend's Bday party) today, it was great to get another wear out of her dress!

Baby Tori…it feels great having a baby in the house again!
Baby Tori

This pretzel dip is so yummy! You just have to try it. Just mix together 16oz. cream cheese, 8oz. cool whip, 1/4cup brown sugar and a bunch of Snickers bars crumbled up. I promise you will love it!
Snickers Dip...16 oz cream cheese, 1 bowl cool whip, 1/4c. Brown sugar, and snickers bars chopped up. Eat with pretzels...was so good!

Karli and I enjoying some ice cream on a warm summer day while watching Blake play football.
Ice cream man came to Blake's scrimmage...couldn't resist!

Shaggy boy is all ready for a Luau!
Party on Shaggy!

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