Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard
Seems that I don’t have much to say lately?? I keep telling myself to blog, but I am not a good listener apparently! Here are some new photos from our trip to the Apple Orchard with our niece Emma a couple of weekends ago. The girls always have so much fun together. My sister is coming in town soon so we get to see Emma again along with my other niece Ellie. I haven’t seen her since Christmas!

Let’s see, I know I can come up with some other randomness to share…

Only a few more weeks of football left and soon I don’t know what I will do with myself. Sundays are so exhausting! My first free Sunday I am going to veg and read all day long in my jammies. I’ve been trying to get into The Maze Runner. I have started to read so many books lately and they are so boring I just never finish them. The Maze Runner is a trilogy sort of like The Hunger Games and those books were amazing so I thought I would give them a try.

O.M.G. as my daughter likes to say…my kids need to quit bringing home birthday party invitations. Every weekend we have at least one birthday party to take one of the kids too. Some weekends there have been more than one. Speaking of…my oldest son turns 16 on Sunday. Yikes!!! He will be taking his driving test soon…scary!!! He went to Homecoming this last weekend with a date for the first time. Last year was just a guys night out. Andrew has a really sweet girlfriend…Hi Ali if you are reading!! I’ll share those photos in my next post. (The photos are on my Facebook page already.)

Ken and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary earlier this month. We went to dinner at Eddie Lee’s…we had not been there since before we were married. They still have the best beef barley soup. The crowd was mostly much older than us, but it was still a nice change from all the same restaurants we always go to. Ken bought me some charms for my Pandora bracelet when we went to the mall. Then we seen Moneyball which was really good even though I am not a huge Brad Pitt fan. Team Jennifer Aniston here!!

Keep reading for lots more photos!

Us :-)


Little Pumpkins



Pumpkin Chase

Tractor riding

Andrew taste testing

Emma & her dad

Emma helping Karli pick some apples

Emma & Karli hanging around

Chase The kids...doesnt Blake looked thrilled?


Chase & Karli

Blake...eyes closed!

Andrew throwing apples at me Andrew throwing apples at me

Unwanted pile

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