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Andrew is FOURTEEN!

This past weekend we celebrated Andrew’s 14th Birthday…twice! He had a friend party on Saturday which was just pizza and ice cream cake. He didn’t want any games or activities of any kind. Although when we mentioned playing a game with the boys to see who could tear down the most wallpaper in the kitchen for $15, they were all for it. Can you imagine these boys going home to their parents and telling them that they tore down wallpaper while they were here! Speaking of, I know I should have this wallpaper done by now, but there really hasn’t been any rush since Ken can’t start working on everything until football is over in two weeks. On Sunday, we had family over to celebrate Andrew’s birthday party. He was busy counting all his money and now he is trying to decide if he wants to buy a new cell phone. The phone he has is only a year old, but the outside screen of his phone doesn’t work. Between phones and video games, I don’t know which is worse. I was trying to think back to when I was his age and I can’t recall what we were all obsessed with. The best I could come up with was I was constantly making mixed tapes from music off the radio…LOL!

Happy Birthday Andrew! Andrew 2nd Birthday Party

Trust me when I say that this is the ONLY second of the entire 16 hour all-night party that they were sitting down!
What if I was the Octomom and all those teenage boys were mine! Actually it would be Nunumom…

Andrew and his buds

Andrew's Birthday present!

Back to Andrew… all he talked about for months was getting enough money for his birthday so he could buy an Xbox360 for his bedroom. We ended up buying it for him as a surprise for two reasons. One, we had no idea what else to buy him. Two, he got super lucky by having his birthday fall right at the same time we closed 3 jobs back to back. LOL! Business has been going pretty well, especially considering the economy. We are lucky and I thank God every day. Although I have to admit I am one of those people who often fear the bad that is coming when things are going so well.

We are all looking forward to fall sports coming to an end and giving our family a break for awhile. It will be so nice to sit down for dinner and be able to chat with one another without having to scream, hurry up…we gotta leave in 10 minutes! Plus Andrew has been basically eating dinner alone most nights because we are all off doing things with the other kids. OH…and not to mention that we will soon be able to enjoy dinner at our new kitchen table that is the appropriate size for a family of 6! Ken thinks we will still eat around the snack bar, but I disagree. The kids will eat where I put their plates and guess where their plates will go? Yep, mom wins again. Actually I can totally see the boys picking up their plates and moving them back to the snack bar so I shouldn’t say that at all. Well at least Karli and I will be enjoying the new table. =)

Here are some more recent pictures…

Does Andrew look a little tired??? Could that be because him and his friends stayed up the ENTIRE night before? The amount of food they ate and pop they consumed is insane.

Kids..forcing them to be close to one another!

Super Chase!

Karli, Chase, Emma

Andrew #83

One night Andrew had two of his friends over and they were running around toilet papering and wearing my old dance costumes! It was hilarious!

Andrew and his crazy friends

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  • Reply C February 24, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    I also turned 14 on October 24, 2009!

  • Reply candy October 23, 2015 at 2:10 am

    I know these are old to read but I really enoy these sweet old blog posts. I enjoy watching daily videos still as well. My daughter is interested in anything Chase amd Karli and sometimes when Chase is doing sonething really cool (like getting the hoverboard thingies) my 12 year old he will come to those and the challenge videos chase does. We have a similar family structure I call them the BIG kids and little kids.. My little ones are my son is Ben, he is 12 soon to be 13 and the second little one is Elisabeth who recently turned 11. My big kids are both adults now and are 18 and 20 they both had birthday last month lol… @Candi we definitely have parented two ways lol aka parenting kids with lots of age variances. It so fun to try again and repeat with the not making a mistake you made with the first batch of kids lol although the adult children make harsh claims “you didn’t do stuff like that when we were little. ” how come they get more “stuff” than we ever did… I am like come one guys. In families fair gets tossed around and what they don’t realize is that no they don’t always get the same things or shop in the same store. We do and give them the best of what we has then and we do that still now. Witth two adult children living outside my home I have more money. (A lot more lol) so we can afford to maybe pay the extra 15 for a pair of designer jeans for our fashion diva. Our son is boring as far as clothing but wears the same colors and same style you would think they wouldn’t cost more than girls clothing and the accessories a girl must have but boys I think are more expensive than girls. You have to give me a chance to defend it lol. I want to but don’t want to keep going on and on without addressing something I saw while reading. I was just laughing it up so hard as mothers who does this. Anyhow I am reading the blog and looking at the pics marveling at how Chase and Blake are interchangeable at certain ages lol. Anyhow back to the reason I wanted to reply to this old post. Candi you are talking about the dining room table!!! I am reading your excitement about family dinner every night and getting out of the kitchen. Well now looking back hindsight is 20/20 because the other day on your vlog you went and did a little bit of shopping you were in a bit of a hurry as I believe Karli had dance. I think it was dance lol well, you set to making supper straight away when it is finished the kids are gone, probably getting ready to leave right after supper. Candi, the diligent mother she is, has their bowls ready and filled with food, a glass of milk and a slice of buttered bread waiting beside their tuna casserole.. All of a sudden I hear Chase and Karli come eat. You have to hurry. The kiddos slide in shortly after, sit down and start digging in on the bar in the kitchen!!! That’s been what 5 or 6 years lol its all good but funny! When you go back and read this old stuff and watch new stuff you see all kinds of things.. Gotta love it!! So, I your fan have a guestion of thr day for Candi anf Ken! We both have 4 children. Our younger or ” little kids” (sorry Chase and Karli that’s what I call them ) are the same ages my daughter is 11 and my son is 12 and Chase and Karlis birthdays are close to mu son and daughter my daughter is before Karli and my son is a month after Chase. Now the big kids are my daughter she just turned 20 a few days ago and son 18 who also just turned 18 lol so my daughter is close to Andrews age and my son is closer to Blake age who will catch up soon enough lol so because of the family dynamics I thought a question of the day should be… Is it more expensive to raise a girl or a boy? Pretty intense question but I want to here your opinion. Candi and Ken. I will reply later with my answer and explanation. This is already pretty long novel i have a bad habit of writing novels when i text or email friends it appears i am doing that to you guys. Its late and I am cecking out i havr a bed calling my name hope to hear soon!!

  • Reply stephanie November 5, 2009 at 8:01 am

    Happy belated Birthday Andrew…very handsome with a great heart, doesn’t get better than that!
    Great pictures, Candi!

    • Reply Vinnie March 10, 2017 at 6:18 am

      Th8t#&a217;s right. Yuri is not a play maker. He is just side man. He is never successful in the centre zone. He is just a winger and a wing back. He is not even an attacking midfielder so he can’t be a play maker. He is an out andout winger. He is very very good winger though.

  • Reply Friglet November 2, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Happy Late Birthday to Andrew! You are a brave momma to have all of those boys sleep over. :)

  • Reply jennyonthespot October 28, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Oh my gosh – the pic with all those boys… You are a brave woman and I applaud you :) You are a good mama!

  • Reply smizzo October 27, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Happy Birthday, Andrew! Great pictures as always, Candi!

    Friglet and I were obsessed with making mix tapes, too! In fact, she still has a couple of them and every once in awhile, we’ll pop ’em in. :) I love Karli’s smile.

  • Reply Terra October 27, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    14 and so handsome….you are going have a whole new set of issues coming! Your family is ADORABLE!!! Thanks, as always for sharing!

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