All play and no work

Our yearly zoo membership expires tomorrow so I thought it would be smart of me to take the kids to the zoo today and then I won’t have to renew our membership until 2010. It’s cost about the same for our family of 6 to buy a yearly membership rather than paying the entrance fee for a one time visit. We always buy the membership and then never came back to visit the zoo more than once a year.

The zoo is getting a bit boring. Our zoo is really nice, one of the best in the country, but the kids are getting old enough now that they remember the zoo all to well and it is getting a bit repetitive for them also. At any rate, we made our yearly visit so we are good to go until next summer.

This is from today…

This one is from 2005. They really do grow up too fast don’t they?

I can’t believe it is July tomorrow. Where has the month gone? Between sports and parties and housework and whatnot, I am really behind on work. I keep pulling Ken away from work also, which really makes our production low. We are happy though, spending all this extra time together and doing fun things with the kids. Unfortunately happiness doesn’t pay the bills. Next weekend we leave for Myrtle Beach. When we get back we need to kick it in gear!

Some more zoo trip pictures here.

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