Who is Our Family Nest?

We are most known for our family YouTube Channel – Our Family Nest where we share our lives daily by making videos! Several of us have our own personal YouTube channels as well.  You can find mom lifestyle type videos on Candiland. And dance, fashion, and girly videos on Karli Reese, and fun challenges and tons of gaming videos on I Am Drew.

Prior to becoming famous on YouTube, this website was a sort of “mom blog” where we shared family stories and photos of the kids. In the sidebar you will find the links to old blog posts and photos from 2008 – 2014.  You will find all of our current content on our YouTube channel – Our Family Nest.

…The Kiddos…

There is no denying that our daughter Karli, 13 years old, is the biggest star of our YouTube channel. She is a total girly girl and loves making videos about so many things like shopping hauls, DIY crafts, her pets, dance, and more. She also has her own YouTube Channel – Karli Reese.   Chase, our 15 year old and youngest son, also loves to make videos and his favorite are the hilarious challenge videos that he does with Karli. Sometimes the ideas he comes up with are so crazy I have to actually tell him NO! He’s a little dare devil for sure. Our 17 year old middle son, Blake, isn’t in as many videos because he is much more reserved and at times “too cool” for the silly stuff that we are filming. When he does make an appearance it always makes for the very best content for sure! Our oldest son, Andrew, certainly has the personality for videos, but is rarely at home because he is a 22 year old full time college student, works, and of course has a social life to keep! He recently started his own channel as well I Am Drew.

…Ken & Candi…

We have been married for 18 years and have known one another since we were 14 years old! Our most successful endeavor, other than bringing our wonderful children into this world, was when we risked everything and started our own recruiting business 10 years ago. Now Ken handles the recruiting business on his own and I focus all of my energy into our YouTube channel. It is a dream come true to be able to have a job that I am so passionate about and love so much every day. Sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

…Old Photos & Blog Content…

Want to browse through some old photos and stories of our family? There are tons of blog posts still available here back from 2008 to 2014. The links to the archives are over in the sidebar. You can browse the posts by category as well. We love sharing old stories and photos from when the kids were younger. Prior to 2008 we made these graphic filled photo pages that you can look through as well.  I just can’t bring myself to delete these pages even though we don’t use them anymore, they are PRICELESS and the kids love looking at them.


…Let’s Connect…

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Ken, Candi, Andrew, Blake, Chase & Karli