Who is Our Family Nest?

We are most known for our family YouTube Channel – Our Family Nest where we share our lives daily by making videos! Several of us have our own personal YouTube channels as well.  You can find mom lifestyle type videos on Candiland. And dance, fashion, and girly videos on Karli Reese, and fun challenges and tons of gaming videos on I Am Drew.

…The Kiddos…

Karli – 13 years old – She loves clothes, makeup, dance and all things girly!  She is mildly obsessed with her two Kittens – Dander & Ivy who she treats like they are her own children! She also has her own channel : Karli Reese.

Chase – 15 years old – He is a Varsity Wrestler for his high school team, which is quite an honor since he is only a Freshman this year.  He loves his electronics; PS4, Nintendo Switch, and of course his iPhone. He has the kindest heart and still gives hugs daily…just don’t tell his friends, he has a cool image to keep!

Blake  – 17 years old – He is our more reserved son, but when he is in the vlogs he is so whitty with his one liners! He has played football since he was 8 years old and we were so proud to watch him play his Senior year of high school. He graduates this May so the future is in his hands as this point and we can’t wait to see where his future leads.

Andrew  22 years old –  He has his own channel as well I Am Drew. He makes mostly gaming videos whenever he can find the extra time as he is busy completing his last year of college for Business Administration & Corporate Finance.  He still lives with us but isn’t home much as college and work take up most of his time.

…Ken & Candi…

We have been married for 18 years and have known one another since we were 14 years old! Our most successful endeavor, other than bringing our wonderful children into this world, was when we started our own physician recruiting business 11 years ago. Now Ken handles the recruiting business on his own and I focus all of my energy into our YouTube channel. It is a dream come true to be able to have a job that I am so passionate about and love so much every day. Sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.


…Let’s Connect…

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Ken, Candi, Andrew, Blake, Chase & Karli