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A New Year

Our little getaway was quite enjoyable. The kids actually behaved pretty well, except for when it came to bedtime, which is to be expected. They had a blast and they keep asking if we can go back. Photos are up at Flickr, along with photos from Christmas and a bunch of others from November and December. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had uploaded photos.

Christmas, I know it’s come and gone, but I am finally writing about it. The kids were all very happy with their presents. As you can see from the photos Mr. Claus caved and got Karli her Real Pony that she wanted. It was a last minute decision based on the knowledge of how many placements we are making this month. We ended up having to order it online and have it shipped and it barely arrived in time. I ended up feeling bad because everyone ended up with an expensive gift except for Chase. His gifts added up to almost the same dollar-wise because he did pick out the most things. It didn’t matter to anyone who got what and ironically Chase ended up showing the most enthusiasm Christmas morning. Andrew got Guitar Hero, which I challenge anyone to, I rock! Blake got a Nintendo DS, which he hardly plays because he has been addicted to Legos here lately.

Photo from Christmas Mass
They are my life...

2008. What can I say? I hoped that 2007 was going to be a time of change for our family and it was. Ken quitting his job so we could start our healthcare recruiting company was a gigantic step for us. Our lives are completely different compared to a year ago. It has been a learning experience and certainly the most stressful thing that either of us has had to go through. Business is really taking off though and January could literally set us up for the entire year. I don’t care so much about the amount of money we make, I just don’t want to have to worry about it anymore. The theme for this year is going to be SAVE. Get ahead as much as we can.

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