62 of 365

I was disappointed to find out that Andrew has 10 journal entries to write for English by Friday, which is the end of the trimester. I yelled at him about how he is heading down the wrong the path with this kind of procrastination. It is so easy when there are so many distractions in life. He has his friends, his darn phone and the endless texting, sports, two families to spend time with, and then school. We tell him all the time that his priorities should be school, family, and then friends. It is hard to be a teen, I know that. He has always been lucky to have a large group of friends, some that are athletes and some that are studious. Andrew is somewhere in the middle, which I totally think is awesome! After he went to bed, I snuck a peak at his notebook. How can he get all A’s and be SO unorganized? He doesn’t even put the papers in the folders…he just throws them in this pile on top! I suppose I should just let him do his thing, right?
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