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Freshly bathed baby Tori, aka Sassers, aka Sasquatch, aka ToriTors. In the past I always said I would never own a Yorkie because they always look so raggy and dirty. I changed my mind after viewing one too many photos online of these cute little Yorkies made up all pretty with bows in their hair. Tori is the sweetest most cuddly dog I have ever owned, but she does look raggy and dirty most days. She never smells bad because I love to rub a dryer sheet on her fur. Ever try that on your dog? It works great! I bathe Tori by bringing hert into the shower. It funny because when you pick her up she paddles her legs like she is swimming in midair. Then I dry her with the hair dryer which she absolutely loves. I sort of have two daughters now…except this one doesn’t like hair pretties all that much.
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