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Karli is one of those kids who always thinks she has to get at least SOMETHING whenever we are at the store. I know this is totally MY fault. She is the only girl out of four kids. She is my little shopping buddy, the youngest child, probably the most spoiled. So sue me. First she picked out these salt and pepper shakers. I don’t get it. I mean first of all she doesn’t even really use salt and pepper and secondly, we have salt and pepper shakers already. Ken thought she was nuts and wanted to put them back. I thought it was cute and told her she could get them. I am still not sure if she plans to use them with her play kitchen or if she wants them filled and used in the kitchen. (They are currently sitting on the counter, she said that we will “take care of them tomorrow”.) Minutes later as Ken and Andrew were wandering around the store, she seen a display of yogurt and picked out one. Mind you we have about 6 yogurts at home. See, like I said. I let her get away with too much.

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