#365dog – Week 8

Day 50
little buddy
Karli’s made a poster for her big buddy for her competition dance team. Of course I helped a
little =) She has been dying to use some of the crafts supplies she got for Christmas.

Day 51
tuna bagel
My love got me my favorite bagel for lunch…tuna on a garlic bagel. I can’t wait until our favorite bagel place opens up nearby…any day now.

Day 52
Karli thought she could sneak Tori into her suitcase. We are off to her very first dance competition.

Day 53
Karli and one of her besties showing off their awards.

Day 54
These four beauties were amazing in their lyrical dance routine. Their costumes were handmade…gorgeous!

Day 55
Tough Guy
While Karli was competing for dance…Chase was being Mr ToughGuy and kicking some butt at a wrestling state competition.

Day 56
Snow, snow, and more snow. Good thing the dogs love it! When Tori came in with a snowy beard it made me think of the song in Frozen, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” Like she was asking me to come out in play in the snow with her. Ummm, no Tori. You know your mom hates snow!

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