#365dog – Week 7

Day 43
banana poke cake
I tried out this banana poke cake and while I was finishing it up the kids were yelling for me to not put the crushed vanilla wafers on the whole thing. Crazy kids! Recipe here.

Day 44
Karli is always cuddling with one of the dogs. Today it was Shaggy’s turn! Such a sweetie.

Day 45
valentine's day
Ken and I spent Valentine’s day together…first we ate at Sakura (a Japanese hibachi grill place), then we went to see the movie Endless Love, and lastly he got this lock for our bedroom door. If you watch Modern Family, you know what this is all about. =) Even if you don’t, it’s pretty easy to figure out.

Day 46
girls night
Girl’s night…we went to dinner and went to see Vampire Academy. Yes that was two movies in two days! I’m an addict.

Day 47
layers of the earth
Blake and his darn science projects. Andrew didn’t have to do these crazy projects in 8th grade. Watch I will probably have to help Chase and Karli do the same ones. Too bad the two previous projects that teacher has asked Blake to keep his projects to use as samples for next year so we can’t recycle them!

Day 48
3d model layers of the earth
Thank goodness there was no school today so Blake could finish this model up. The project was based on the layers of the earth. Not sure why a 3d model and a poster was necessary. It’s like – we got it the first time. LOL

Day 49
Karli has her first dance competition coming up this weekend. I told her we would pack Thursday night, but of course she took it upon herself to pack without me. At least she doesn’t procrastinate. Of course I had to go back through and make sure she packed everything. She actually did a good job!

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