#365dog – Week 6

Day 36
Getting along
We have had so many snow days I pretty much don’t even know what a school day feels like anymore. At least every once in awhile Chase and Karli manage to get a long for at least a couple of hours.

Day 37
love books
Even though the kids didn’t have school again I was able to take a break from it all and go get my hair done. Afterwards I stopped by the craft store and book store. I picked up the latest Maya Banks book for myself (which I read in 2 days!) And then I walked through the kids area taking pictures of books and texting them to Chase and Karli to see what they wanted. Much easier than bringing them with me.

Day 38
Fort building
Love seeing the kids doing things other than playing with electronics. Oh wait…Chase is still playing that darn game! They had the two Pomeranians in there as well. Cuddle time!

Day 39
Zombie time
Addicted to this darn show. Love where this half of the season is headed.

Day 40
clean kitchen
Finally! Kids are in school and look at that clean kitchen. Love having it like this even if it only lasts for 6 hours a day.

Day 41
Blake is now taller than me! Two down and two to go! He isn’t even in high school yet and is getting so tall.

Day 42
Spent the day cleaning out all my files and organizing everything for our taxes. I bought this new file folder thing to try and keep things more organized for 2014 so I don’t have as much work to do at the end of the year.

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