#365dog – Week 5

Day 29
coupon day
I don’t really enjoy grocery shopping with coupons because it’s hard enough walking through the aisles trying to find everything I need and checking it off my list, let alone trying to keep coupons organized too. I find it easiest to make a “coupon only” shopping day other than maybe a few other things that I might need that day. Love saving money on groceries especially because we spend so much on food with a family of 6.

Day 30
i can sew!
Karli’s competition jazz costume skirt needed some major alterations. The skirt needed to be taken in a good 5 inches and it was tricky because the feathers come to a point in the front and back. I had to take it apart and cut it and resew and reglue one side and then the other side I had to tear out velcro and sew it back on as well. It was a challenge, but I enjoyed it and it turned out perfectly!

Day 31
shaggy doodle
Shaggy went from sleeping in our bed many years ago, to sleeping in Andrew’s bed for a few years, and now he is Blake’s full time buddy. He follows him every where. When he hears the bus he will sit at the door and cry until Blake walks in the door. He sleeps with him every single night, it the sweetest thing.

Day 32
can i please?
Karli is such a stinker! Every time we go to Kroger she begs me for this darn caterpillar. It’s huge and way too big for her to put anywhere in her room so the answer is always absolutely no, but she still insists on seeing if it is there every time we go to Kroger. At least it will be gone soon.

Day 33
hip hop comp
Karli and her friends look so stinking adorable in their hip hop costumes. I can’t wait for their first competition coming up later this month.

Day 34
life of a dog
Oh goodness, the life of a dog must be so hard. Lay around chewing bones all day. Phew, that’s gotta be rough.

Day 35
hide n seek
Another snow day, another day of letting the kids stay up late. Karli and Chase were playing hide and seek so I was helping them find different places to hide. Karli had a hard time finding Chase when I had him in a laundry basket with clean clothes piled on top. Then Chase couldn’t find Karli when she was in the bathroom vanity. Only my little stinkers can fit in these small places.

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    I want this valentines catapiler which I call it the valentines worm. Were can I get one. Please help me.

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    hi our family nest i love your youtube channel can karlie blog more dancing because she was the won who inspired me to dance and now i am awesome at it so i hope you do more vloging about dance or vlog about all your make up or your moms make but anyways thx i love you guys :)

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