#365dog – Week 4

Day 22
I’ve never been a fan of hot beverages, but it has been so cold I picked up a Tim Hortons hot chocolate. It was just okay. At least the banana nut muffin was tasty. Either way, I felt lucky to be able to indulge in a yummy treat. So many people having car problems, heating problems, etc. in this crazy winter weather we’ve been having – I’m lucky that everything is up and running and we are all safe and warm.

Day 23
around my house
Just when you think that your kids are all grown up and they don’t need you as much anymore…you realize that there are certain things that you will always have to do no matter how old they are. Even my husband is so kind to leave this chore for me, probably so I can feel needed. Thanks, love you too babe.

Day 24
Karli is so much like me sometimes it is scary. She catches the smallest details while watching T.V. Her unicorn made an appearance and she had to pause the show and run upstairs and grab it. Sometimes she catches flaws on shows or in movies just like me. I am OBSESSED with finding mistakes in film!

Day 25
I have to admit as much as I hate snow and cold weather the view is sometimes beautiful.

Day 26
cuddle bug
Tori is my little shadow. Wherever I go she always follows. However on this cold day, she wasn’t budging. She refused to my leave the warm comfy spot. Little stinker stole my spot!

Day 27
snow day
I can’t even tell you exactly how many snow days we have had this year already, I think 8, but I am not positive. Its been a strange month to say the least. The month is nearly over and I feel like the kids haven’t been back to school since Christmas break! No complaints here though, I could totally get used to this schedule even though it’s more nonproductive than anything. I hear there is more blistering snowy winter weather to come too!

Day 28
shapes mac & cheese
The things we learn from teenagers! Andrew has been having me buy him the shapes macaroni and cheese for him lately and it drove me crazy because there was less macaroni in the box and it has to cook even longer. Finally I gave it a try and the shapes macaroni does taste different and BETTER than the regular noodles. YUM!

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