#365dog – Week 38

Day 260
Enjoying our last week of treats!

Day 261
The dogs when they see the kids coming off the bus.

Day 262
They’ve arrived! Our Nutrisystem boxes! Start the diet on Monday!

Day 263
Fall is here!

Day 264
Tomorrow WILL be a better day!! Plus We start Nutrisystem

Day 265
Sparkly new Acadia!! I had just bought a used 2011 Acadia back in April and it has had its issues. The topper was Sunday when it died while Karli and I were driving down a busy road! When the tow truck came the dude had it half way up the ramp and it came loose, jumped a curb and almost ended up into oncoming traffic. I had actually ran toward the car like I was gonna save it! Needless to say, I don’t take “signs” lightly, the car just wasn’t meant to be. Went back and got a brand new one because I do love the car so much!!

Day 266
Grateful to be selected by Nutrisystem to be part of the #NSNation Blogger program.

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