#365dog – Week 34

Day 232
Watching Karli’s new favorite show My Big Family Renovation. Now she wants to watch HGTV all the time. She loves decorating!

Day 233
Had to pick up something from my parents house. I found my moms secret stash. I should have gone shopping.

Day 234
One minute they are killing each other…the next the are best buds.

Day 235
It’s that time of year!!

Day 236
The extent of Chase’s back to school shopping. Boys are so easy!!

Day 237
Off to college! Time flies! After applying to several colleges and getting accepted to all of them with partial scholarship offers, he choose University of Toledo = NO LOANS!! It was a big decision, but he made the choice on his own!! So proud of him for thinking ahead and not just doing what sounded most fun :)

Day 238
Karli told me she has a great idea!! She wants a snail as a pet. Ummmm….NO.

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