#365dog – Week 29

Day 197
I made Karli give the Chick-fil-A cow a kiss before she could get some dinner!

Day 198
dance nationals
Karli had dance nationals in Kalahari. I thought the girls performed their very best and while they didn’t take home the top scores, they gave it their all.

Day 199
Second day of dance nationals. On the way home we stopped to have a Sonic burger and milkshake. Karli thought it was so delicious and said we need a Sonic by our house. We actually have one about 15 minutes away, but have never eaten there. So was pretty excited to hear that!

Day 200
I am a genius. Getting the kids a pool toy that encourages more fighting.

Day 201
boys room
Painting the boys room and they wanted to keep the red stripe so LOTS of trim work. Painting over the blues with a light gray for Bedford colors NOT Ohio State, haha!

Day 202
boys room
All done and boy is my back feeling it.

Day 203
I’m loving this season of the Bachelorette. It’s crazy to think how many years I have watched this show…from the beginning. I can’t imagine anyone is confused about who she is going to choose. Pretty easy to see!

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