#365dog – Week 28

Day 189
Finished the second book Where She Went in one day. So good! If you like mushy young love kinda books

Day 190
ice cream
Yummy in my tummy!

Day 191
big brother
Crazy season of Big Brother…loving it!

Day 192
andrew thumb
Ouch! Andrew sliced his thumb open at work. Thank goodness no stitches, just glue and some steri strips. Oh and paper duty at work for a few days. LOL

Day 193
Blake 14th
Blake was finally able to celebrate his birthday with some friends!!

Day 194
pups sunbathing
Spending Sunday sunbathing with the pups!

Day 195
karli's book
Karli is writing a book about a girl named Lexi who is a gymnast and wants to be in the Olympics someday. This is her book cover.

Day 196
just because
Roses from Ken, just because :)

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