#365dog – Week 24

Day 161
mini society
This is the first time one of the kids has had to make a store window for their mini society project. Karli’s turned out pretty cute. She had it all planned out in her head before she even got her supplies out. Such a crafty girl!

Day 162
taco salad
Taco salad for dinner per Chase’s request.

Day 163
Tori is so scraggly…but still cute =)

Day 164
I loved the board that the girls from Karli’s dance company made for their recital this year. Each of the girls wrote why they love dance. Karli’s said, “I love dance because it’s my life!”

Day 165
big buddy
Karli and her big buddy, Ana, after their dance recital.

Day 166
The kids and I made fruit pizza for Ken for Father’s Day. Andrew and Chase also dug out some stumps that were in the backyard while Ken and Blake were at baseball. That was Ken’s only request for Father’s Day!

Day 167
ninja stars
Karli is all ready for mini society with all her ninja stars.

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