#365dog – Week 22

Day 147
We left Tori with her special spot so she could still look out the window all day while I am working.

Day 148
Still can’t believe this is happening.

Day 149
She is always dancing and flipping around…even at the boys baseball games.

Day 150
Love Barry’s Bagels tuna salad…but I pick out the celery and onions like a 3 year old.

Day 151
Dusted off my macbook. I’m excited to share that I will be blogging more and making some videos now that summer break is right around the corner and I’ll be having more free time with the kiddos =)

Day 152
School skipper! Karli missed school today so she could spend the day with her cousin Emma who is spending some time with her father this month. She misses her so much!

Day 153
Chase met Karli at the bus stop sporting his new roller blades he got for elementary school graduation. Of course Shaggy had to come too.

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