#365dog – Week 14

Day 91
baby shaggy
We got a new puppy!!! Ha,ha! April Fool’s! It’s baby Shaggy silly!

Day 92
Time for a new cut. Just another day in the never ending process of me growing my hair out and then cutting it off months later.

Day 93
Tori watching the rain. I just know she is thinking that it’s better than snow!

Day 94
You know it’s spring in our house when my car gets booted to the driveway to make room for the kids bikes and scooters.

Day 95
Karli got to meet Mari from Dance Moms (she danced with the Candy Apples last season I think it was). She thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!

Day 96
Brownie sundae
One thing that makes me feel great as a mom is to make special treats for the kids for no reason. I made them hot fudge brownie sundaes, YUM!

Day 97
I sometimes forget Andrew is 18 years old, especially when he can’t sit still in the doctors office without touching the medical equipment.

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