#365dog – Week 10

Day 64
Mesnick Podcast
I love listening to Jason and Molly Mesnick’s Podcast when I’m driving in the car or waiting at Karli’s dance class. Lately they have been talking about this season of The Bachelor. Good stuff!

Day 65
bath time
It has become tradition these past few months for me to relax on Thursday evenings. So much that the kids will often remind me. I look forward to my quiet time each week.

Day 66
From Andrew
Meet my little penguin pillow pet that lights up. He was a birthday gift last year from Andrew. Chase constantly tried to steal him from me all the time so we bought him his own light up pillow pet for Christmas.

Day 67
Andrew will be spending Spring Break in San Diego! I won’t be worried at all. {lie!}

Day 68
Shaggy waiting for Blake to get home. He whines too…it’s quite adorable.

Day 69
Favorite Chinese
My favorite Chinese food here lately…General Tso’s Chicken and Almond Boneless Chicken. Yum!

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