Hubby can cook

Anytime that it is my husband’s turn to cook dinner I am happy. He isn’t always fond of my simple style of cooking and he often teases me that I only cook boxed meals. I do cook a lot of boxed items, like mac n cheese, scalloped potatoes, tuna helper, etc because they are quick and easy when we have places to go. That doesn’t mean I never get creative or cook from scratch, it is more like I only cook that way once or twice a week. Ken cooks at least twice a week, sometimes more. Tonight he took seasoned chicken breasts and cut them up into small chunks and cooked them in oil. Some were breaded like these you see here, others were not. He also took a can of whole potatoes and mixed them up with cream of mushroom soup. The kids didn’t like that too much, but I thought it was pretty tasty. The chicken was yummy and everybody chowed. I love that he cooks. One good thing that his mother taught him!
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