34 of 365 – Superbowl Sunday

34 of 365

We decided not to have a Superbowl party this year…mainly because the bulb in our projector burnt out. The refurbished bulb ($300!) is being shipped out this week. It would have been silly to have people over and then say…oh our big screen (100 inch) is not working, sorry! Anyways, we stayed home and hung out with the kiddos. Ken made one of those squares games for us to play with the kids. I am not sure what the technical term is called for this game, but it’s where the score determines who can win according to who has that particular square on this graph that you make. We decided to have a winner after each quarter. If you won the quarter, you pulled a piece of paper from a hat that had the prizes written on them. The way the prizes were won was so….weird…

I won the first quarter- Dinner to a restaurant of my choice.
Karli won the second quarter – No getting yelled at for 1 week no matter what.
Blake won the third quarter – $20 to spend on whatever he wants.
Chase won the fourth quarter – No chores for 1 week.

Now, I could go to a restaurant of my choice anytime I want. Karli gets yelled at the least of all the kids. Blake couldn’t even think of what he would want to buy, he has everything. Chase has no major chores other than picking up after himself. He often helps Blake with emptying the dishwasher. If only I could have won that prize! The kids were all so nervous that I would win the no chores prize…knowing that they would have to help Ken with everything. Why…why…couldn’t I have won! It was fun and it helped pass the time during the football game.

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