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Good old crafting days

If you watched my last video on YouTube– this goes right along with my problem of not being able to stick with things that I start.

As I was cleaning and organizing my bedroom the other day I ran into all sorts of goodies. I keep trying to remember how in the world I ever had time for these sort of time consuming hobbies. Then I remembered these were the days before I had to run 4 kids to activities, help them with their homework, and let’s be honest – reality television has too many darn good shows on TV these days.

yarn stash

I discovered my yarn stash and a few projects I started and never finished. Ever since Chase and Karli seen them they haven’t stopped bugging me to finish them. Karli wants the scarf finished and the pink and purple blanket was supposed to be a small one for her dolls. The other piece was supposed to be a blanket for Chase that I honestly don’t think I would ever finish, but I do like the colors so maybe I will make I will make him a different blanket instead.


Then I found a big Rubbermaid container of sewing supplies and a bunch of toddler sized clothing. I almost started laughing because I can barely remember back when I first bought my sewing machine and I had all these aspirations to make all these pieces for Karli. It was back when people would take plain jeans and shirts and decorate them with pieces of fabric and create the cutest outfits. I remember saving photo after photo on my computer for design ideas.

crafting stuff

This was an outfit that I made for Karli for her first birthday. It was a plain jean dress and I added all the fabric.

I sewed this dress for Karli for Easter. It ended up being the only thing I sewed from scratch after buying all those patterns. I can remember being so proud of myself for being able to sew pleats! I knitted this sweater for Karli as well.

This turquoise dress was horrible, it hung all wrong. Fail! This red and white striped dress was one of my favorites. She wore it for her 2nd birthday.

I’m not sure what even happened to this hat and scarf, but the poncho is in Karli’s bin of dress up clothes and she has worn it as a skirt many times.
poncho & hat n scarf

And lastly, the corny looking hat I made for myself, which is also somewhere in Karli’s dress up clothes.
knitted hat

I guess all I am saying is why did I stop knitting and how can I find time to do it again? There are not enough hours in the day to do all the fun stuff I enjoy. Not only that, but I totally forgot how to knit and crochet so I will have to learn all over again. Bummer.

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  • Reply Michele January 15, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Aww! I remember all of those projects! So cute! I almost never sit down to watch TV without a knitting or crochet project in my lap. If I don’t keep my hands busy with knitting I start eating. If you pick up your needles it’ll all come back to you. It’s like riding a bike!

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