iHate iMac

There have been many new subscribers to my YouTube Channel this month and some have left comments telling me to keep at it or to please update them on my progress. All of these are on the series I made called “Can Fat People Do the Insanity Workout?” The guilt finally set in and I figured it was time I hang my head in shame and admit that I never did finish the second month of Insanity. Today I had recorded a video (several times, ugh – it’s hard getting back into talking to a camera again) and just got done with editing and our iMac started acting up again. The spinning beach ball from hell is what I call it. Of course I had already deleted the video clips on my Flip camera so now I can’t upload the video. After doing some research (sometimes I just hate Google- it’s a never ending vortex of information- some of it conflicting) I feel pretty confident in saying that the hard drive needs replaced. After all of the reformatting and crap that I did several months ago resulting in the same issues, it’s just gotta happen. I am going to call our local Mac repair shop and see how much it will cost for them to install the new hard drive for me. If it’s more than a few hundred dollars I will do it myself since I can get a new hard drive for about $150. I have never taken apart an iMac before and it doesn’t look to hard. But this does not work into all of the things that I have to do right now. PLUS I can not upload my video now and the footage is lost. This was me about an hour ago when I was slowly accepting I now have to rerecord the video and then figure out how to use Windows Movie Maker on my PC to edit it instead.


And did I mention how I use the iMac to watch tv shows or movies while I am working!? Now I have to work in silence until I get it fixed. The horror!!

Daily Nuggets (something new I am going to do at the end of my posts, you should do it too!)

-> We took all four dogs to the vet today, there was a lot of bleeding going on. I think the vet used too large of a needle to test for heartworm. Then he clipped one of Tori’s nails too short. It was a mess.

-> The snow is almost all melted!! What if it didn’t snow again all winter? That would be AMAZING!

-> Ken is resigning from being head of our youth football organization. He still wants to coach, but we just can’t be in charge anymore. It takes too much time away from us during the day (in the fall) and when you run your own business, that just doesn’t work out very well. Two years was enough. Still kinda sad though.

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  • Reply Michele January 10, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Ha! Love those pics of you. You’re ADORABLE!

    • Reply Candi January 10, 2013 at 12:22 pm

      awww, you are too sweet!! thank you :)

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