2 down 1 to go

Two of our three sons are done with baseball for the season. PTL! (Praise the Lord)

We are the Champions!

Blake is in the front on the far left of your screen. Chase is in the front, the second in from the right side – the smallest one :p

Their team did an excellent job this year. This will be the only year that Blake and Chase play on the same team. It was 6, 7, and 8 year olds. Ken was the head coach and he had some great assistant coaches. It was a lot of fun watching their double headers every Saturday, despite the 9am game time. They had two weeks where the games weren’t until 12:30, those were the best.

Diamondbacks are #1

Next year Blake will move up to Pee Wee and Chase will stay in the Farm Division. Ken will end up coaching both teams again. he did the same thing when Andrew and Blake were both playing. It was nuts, but you know when you work from home, it’s not so bad having to coach/play baseball 4 – 5 days a week. He looks forward to leaving for practice and games and honestly so do I. We need some sort of separation from one another after all.

Chase and Coach Daddy

Andrew probably will not be playing travel ball next year and will return to the community league with his brothers instead. This was his first year playing travel baseball and it was a huge expense, we had to travel all over the place and now have basically a forced family vacation to Myrtle Beach for a tournament. Don’t get me wrong, we knew these things going into it and if the team would have performed better, we would easily overlook them. My biggest beef is the coach is nuts. I joke and said he is either high or drunk or something else that impairs his judgment. I have watched my sons play baseball for 8 years now and I tell you I could have coached this team better than him. By coaching, I mostly mean deciding where to put what players for the games. He also sends kids to steal bases way more than he should and our players get out all of the time because of it. There are games where only 30% of our players are making contact with the ball and when they finally get on base he is giving the runs away by trying to steal bases every time. Another big issue I have is Andrew took over as catcher for all the games for a 6 week period because their normal catcher got injured. Now that the other catcher is back Andrew either catches or sits the bench. Every so often he gets to pitch or play in the outfield. It’s disappointing because up until this year Andrew was always a short stop, 2nd basemen or pitcher. Now next year his skills will be diminished on his favorite positions because of this coach not giving him the chance. Even other parents on the team will comment on how they can’t believe coach isn’t using Andrew on the bases more. Andrew is one of the few kids that can consistently throw the ball from 3rd to 1st or vice versa. Guess what though, the coaches son plays in every game and always pitches or plays short stop. Imagine that. The politics of sports. Gotta love it.

Blake and Coach Daddy

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